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The Feature Documentary The Glamour & The Squalor, Co-Produced by Wormwood Film’s Matt Hoyt,  is available on iTunes now! Watch the trailer and write up on IndieWire here.

Learn about the Antarctic…huh? project. Read the blog and watch the trailer!

Pinback’s latest music video for their track “Sherman” , premiered on WIRED.COM,  directed by Matt Hoyt. It’s the first single from their album Information Retrieved.

ANTARCTIC…HUH? – Showing at the San Diego Museum of Art San Diego (La Jolla) June 6th-SEPT 19th. Come see the first episode of Antarctic…huh? on a loop at the museum in an environment built by Jason Sherry.

Antarctic…huh? is a comedic parody of sorts that chronicles the life of “Preston”, a disenfranchised southern Californian, who accepts a job running the landfill in Antarctica to finish his “great American novel” free from distraction. He soon realizes that life on the icy continent is anything but peaceful and desolate. Directed by Matt Hoyt with art direction & production design by Jason Sherry. The project is produced entirely in Matt’s backyard & living room in San Diego, CA. For inquires & press email:

In non-film-related news: I opened a bar/restaurant in San Diego. It’s a modern hideaway and I’m really proud of it. You’ll find hard to get drinks, fresh local food in a great setting. I’d love to see you.

Video for Rob Crow! It’s the first single off his new solo record. The video was shot at Planet Rooth Gallery in North Park. Director: Matt Hoyt |D.P:: Mike Parry | Art Director: Jason Sherry w/ help from Joshua Krause | Produced by Matt Hoyt and George Schmalz. Rob’s record is available from Temporary Residence LTD.

GOBLIN COCK’S Music Video for “STUMPED”, Directed by MATT HOYT was nominated for MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR for 2005, by the PLUG Independent Music Awards.

PINBACK VIDEO ON MTV. That’s right. You can catch the PINBACK video on MTV2 “Subterranean” program. The video is for the song “AFK” from their album SUMMER IN ABADDON. Matt Hoyt directed this video in a local San Diego bar, his garage, and his bedroom. He only had 11 working hours with the band before they left for tour. Jason Sherry took care of the art direction.

Matt just finished a video for San Francisco’s PARADISE BOYS. Their track “The Young and the Guest List” spoofs a soap opera that never made it to television. The video will be available on Music Video Tab very soon for your viewing pleasure.



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